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Blade School : Thrive Inline with Mike Obedoza

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What is Thrive Inline?

Thrive Inline are inline skate sessions dedicated to grow inline skating by teaching the youth. 

How did it start? Why did you start it?
I wanted to help grow Blading, and it was to my belief that we needed to introduce our sport to the next generation.  There is nothing as solid as getting in front of actual kids, & putting skates on their feet, teaching them how to roll, and sharing with them the awesomeness of Blading.  Growing up at this park where the classes are, I knew there was a kids camp that needed after school activities so it was easy to volunteer my time to teach Blading. 

When can people who want to learn to skate come? Schedule? Any age group?
All ages are welcome.  Currently, the classes are scheduled every Thursday from 4-7PM.  The 1st hour and a half, the 6 pairs of rental skates are reserved for the kids that are part of the after school camp.  If you have your own skates, you’re more than welcome to come in as early as 4.  Otherwise I’d advise coming in at 530 for available skates In the future, I am going to work on providing classes that will be more targeted towards specific skills on the weekends for those that can’t make it on Thursday’s, which I will have to update everyone on in the near future. 

What would a standard class entail. Do you have a regiment?
Every class is different.  There are kids that attend that have never bladed at almost every session, so I spend the first few moments teaching the new kids how to put their skates on.  I then teach the kids how to fall with all of their pads on.  From there its basics from how to stand, take a step, and after that it’s up to them from there. 

I then get a vibration of how fast the kids are learning and what they are getting bored doing.  Typically, I’ll start off with a few games for the kids that are learning with agility obstacles. Its funny how difficult stepping onto a curb or ducking under a limbo bar can be when you’re first starting out.  After they start to get good at that, I’ll start having races with them or timing them on how fast they can accomplish the obstacles.  Once they aren’t amused with that I’ll bring them into the skatepark and try to teach them how to drop in on a small ramp or start trying to get them to learn how to soul grind. 

What is your relationship with the school and the city?
I specifically targeted the Parks that are run by the city because I am afraid of marketing to the schools and getting too many kids at these events.  I am the only instructor and its hard enough to manage 6 kids at a time.  I definitely could use some help, but, thanks to Johnny Cuico, the father of the aggressive boys, I was able to get my name dropped to some important people of the city that trickled down to the director of this park.  Also, the skatepark is part of the parks and recreations, that the city has been having problems with because it would just become a hole for druggies.  So, since I started these classes, the park loves that there is a positive presence that speaks the language there and can really take ownership of the situation.  It is my goal to bring in some cool vibrations and make everyone’s lives easier but, still respecting everyone as they are. 

Are you the mayor of Veteran’s skatepark now? Theres a lot of history with Veteran’s park and blading. Can you give a quick breakdown?
The Mayor!?  haha I don’t think I have been given an official title but, yes, as of this week, I have officially been assigned to create events and manage that skatepark.  Which is kind of crazy looking back on everything because I grew up at this park.  My parents house is approximately 7 houses down the street and even before I became a Blader, I would play tag at the playground, played team sports from Soccer to Football, and then when I got into blading this was the meeting grounds for all of my high school friends.  This was the park where there were 50+ skaters everyday after school.  We were the group back then that met with the city to start the process on building the skatepark that is there today.  Which, also, is the reason why I chose to specifically start the skate classes here because I have a huge heart for my city and that park.  The next goal is trying to figure out how other people can infect their cities and how our activities can meet in the middle and move that nationwide, and if done properly I believe we can move it worldwide. 

You mentioned holding blading only events soon.  Can you give us a 411?
Well, so, being given all access to this skatepark, I will have the City of Carson with a Parks and Recreation Union backing up all of my activities.  After seeing how other cities do their events that I have attached Blading Demo’s at in the past, I hope to create similar activities at this park and see how far I can go with it, trying to attract the local community businesses and bringing family fun activities that will be centered around Blading.

I am at a point where I need to evolve these classes as well so everything makes sense. These kids on Thursday’s are getting really good, and its one thing to teach them how to inline skate but, to evolve and truly develop them, will require more demo’s and activities where they can participate and win something from it.  So, anywhere from having blade-video nights to starting a Blade-Cross race for the beginners, maybe even blade-soccer just to teach them the underlying skills of persistence and dedication and other things that will help them in the real world.  Eventually it would be nice to have an Amateur competition and move it forward to a Blade-Cup qualifier to integrate what we do with them would complete the loop.  I’d also like to attach Woodward West to this and hopefully get some kids to attend the disneyland of Blading.  Another thing, I want to do is start fundraising activities to build a bigger and badder Blade park and maybe even find a way to get a pump track in the neighborhood. Lots of if’s and maybe’s but, I’ll see what I can do.  

Can you give us social media and contact info for people who want to come learn how to skate?
For the latest updates check my IG account: @shinobedobe.
This is definitely grass roots right now and is growing larger than I could have ever imagined so keep up to date and watch blading grow in my community to yours!


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