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Blading Cup 2014 Retrospect

bladingcup Retrospect

A collection of pictures and video of Blading Cup 2014


official Blading Cup 2014 T-shirt by Kyler Martz

Trying to beat the rain photo @wasuwat29



unveiling the *Great Wall

Migs, Bfree and Montre

Robbie catching some air over Kennan photo : Miguel Ramos

MC Kennan photo @wasuwat29

2014 Trophy by Sayer Danforth

Ben Weiss 2014 Veteran's Cup Champ

Coco 2014 Bladies Champ

Cj Wellsmore 2014 Blading Cup Champ (Pro Division)

the Cup would not happen without these folks

Peace Toru!

Blading Cup 2014 Official Edit from Themgoods on Vimeo.


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