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Q and A with Philadelphia's Anthony Marchione


Mid line wallride topsoul 

Hi Anthony how are you? TERRIFIC!

How old are you?
I am 23 years old as of August 16th

Born and raised? In a humble little town called Doylestown that sits about 50 minutes north of Philadelphia.

Hows the philly scene these days?
Unbelievably refreshing

Loving all the stuff you are coming out with lately Hows is it skating and filming with the kelsos? Seems like there is a lot of skating going on?
It is a childhood fantasy come to fruition, Sean and Colin are more motivated than ever to skate and film which has had a huge influence on the scene. It is a lot of older dudes who were really into it back in the day, so theres a sense of nostalgia looming over every session, its really a beautiful thing.

Seen the weekly skate edits.. Hows the vibe at the parks these days. Skateboarders, scooters, bladers?
Well, we have been doing the Tuesday night skate thing ever since Paines park was built about 5 (?) years ago. It started as a very low key weekly gathering of friends old and new. It introduced me to a lot of guys who have been in the scene since 2000 who have since become very close friends of mine. Once Sean and Colin started attending and making these edits people have been making the trip from all over the tri-state area to experience what has evolved into an extremely therapeutic weekly ritual. Last week there were like over 30 rollerbladers there, it was insane. As far as the skateboarders go, it is definitely segregated. We have our own little space where we do our thing and so do they. We have been holding it down there since the park opened so they know what is up, they don’t bother us and we don’t bother them.

New video in the works?
Sean and Colin are constantly filming, I try and make it to as many sessions as i can but they are on another level! It would be a sin not to make a video with all the street footage they have collected since moving back to Phila.

Hows the music coming? It is the only thing in my life that rivals my passion for rollerblading. What kind of music are you playing. What instrument? Lead singer?
My band The Mysteries plays Psychedelic rock and roll, I play 12 string guitar and sing. We are in the process of releasing our new LP, which is a daunting task in today’s market because of how many avenues you have in the digital world to get something out there. If you do it wrong nobody will ever hear your music.

Doing a lot of shows?
Our live performance is something we really pride ourselves on, so we try and book as many shows a month as possible. Usually following a release we get a good amount of opportunities to play.

Inspirations musically?
Anyone who is making good Psychedelic Rock inspires me, Old and New. Whats going on in Australia right now is insane, bands like King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizzard, The Murlocs and Pond are all from there and are constantly putting out insanely inspiring music in real time. But MGMT, KISS and The Doors are the real culprits for my childhood obsession with rock and roll. Weird concoction, i know.

Inspirations Blading?
The Kelsos, every single OG Philly rollerblader, Haitian Mag STILL, my friend Tyler Knight who has been skating every day since we were in 7th grade and obviously Valo for the unbelievable support and confidence to keep doing this shit.

I already know the answer to this. But will we see you at the Blading cup?
yeeeeeee baby.


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  • Ryan Benner on

    This guys skating is very exciting. I get so hyped anytime there is new footage of him.

  • Basza on

    good to have some more insight on Anthony, THE FUTURE!

  • Austin Cooper on

    Refreshing read! Dudes is insane at blading, gotta hear that LP!

  • Larisa Cusato on

    Amazing interview he is awesome and interesting and I love the pictures

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