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" 908 GREY x Intuition Liners V.2 " SIZE SMALL

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"Intuition Liners V.2 x 908 GREY" Communit-E


 The Intuition Skate Liner improves the fit and maximizes energy transfer in skates with removable liners. This version is designed to provide a closer fit and better compatibility with tight fitting skate shells.

Intuition liners can be broken in or heat molded to achieve an instant custom fit. Intuition liners can be heat molded multiple times to fit different skates or to make them compatible with different insoles.


Asymmetrical J bars
Low volume mid Foot
High density toe box
Removable low volume Powerwrap
Removable High impact heel wedges

* Additional high volume (Gold) Powerwraps are included.

 General Sizing:

XXS / 21-22.5cm
XS / 23-24.5cm
S / 25-26.5cm
M / 27-28.5cm
L / 29-30.5cm
XL / 31-32.5cm

The sizing chart below will help you decide which 
shell+liner combo will work best for your foot length for FR Skates.
FR Skates fitting chart.
Foot length: 21-22.5 cm   Liner size: XS   Shell size: 34-35
Foot length: 23-24 cm   Liner size: XS   Shell size: 36-37
Foot length: 24.5-25.5 cm   Liner size: S   Shell size: 38-39
Foot length: 26-27 cm   Liner size: M   Shell size: 40
Foot length: 27.5-28.5 cm   Liner size: M   Shell size: 41-42
Foot length: 29.5-30 cm   Liner size: L   Shell size: 43-44
Foot length: 30.5-32 cm   Liner size: XL   Shell size: 45-47

"908 GREY" CommunitE : 

CommUnit E Project

A MONTHLY percentage of @themskates CommunitE sales distributed to the skating community’s local events, organizations, skate scenes. 

Every month we will announce where our distributed funds and products will be going to.

CommUnit E Project starts *February 2021 where we will announce where and how the first initiative will be distributed. 

If you would like be involved and or donate in the CommUnit E project please email

908 Grey:

1. Updated shell/boot material. We made our Impact Resistant Plastic (TPU) material harder/tougher for added support and longer lasting.

 2. Soul Plates 2.0 : 
A. Thickened interior walls for longer lasting.
B. For easier customization, we introduce our new "Bridge Soul Plate Hardware". 

Size XS ; 5/6/7 US

Size Large (11) US



- Medium volume all around with high volume cuff - 4 lace eyelets per side (8 total per liner)

- Integrated power wrap

- J bars and high volume toe

- Silicone non-slip dots on sole and heel - Removable heel wedge * Available in 4 sizes (XS, S, M, L)

* Designed for THEM 908 boots. * Not available for wholesale.


A. UFS street skating frame, designed by Kyle Sola and Jon Julio.
B. Low h-block position, designed for use with flat or anti-rocker wheel setups.
C. Durable, low-friction material, made from injection-mold glass-filled nylon.
D. Precision-milled aluminum frame spacers.
E. Custom-made steel axles, with asymmetric head - only needs one tool to tighten or loosen.
F. Low riding height - 30mm from top of frame to middle of axles.

Two wheelbase lengths - 250mm or 270mm wheelbase.
Fits up-to 58mm wheels for flat-rocker setups.
110mm distance between middle wheels.

Comes with 56mm 90A Communit-E Wheels
ABEC 5 bearings.

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