4.24.14 Soichiro Kanashima and Jon Julio "LOST IN TRANSLASIAN"

4.21.14 Erik Bailey Onliner by Erik Bill

4.20.14 Catching Up 11 at Woodward West
with Takeshi Yasutoko, Miguel Ramos, Jon Julio, Richie Velasquez, Jason Reyna (The Queen), Matt Mickey and Frank Valo V Veemix

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Valo 5 Veemix

Re-edited by LBJ,Lil baby Jesus, aka Diçhfurd Ahlers, Also known as GL-Joe real name Joseph Louis Esquivel
A word from the Re-Editor " I wanna say thank you Ivan and Julio for allowing me to take your work and re edit it. I have always wanted to be able to edit some of the best skaters in the world. This was like masterbating for me. Just being able to see what the Valo team would look like if I were to edit them. It gets a little lownt,weird and wavv but just remember this is only a remix. Enjoy".

4.14.14 Alex Broskow in London, England

The Booted are extremely pleased to be bringing
Alex Broskow to London's BaySixty6 skatepark for a special, one off, Thursday Night Skate on 15th May.

Maneuver Mondays with Olav Norheim

4.9.14 Soichiro Kanashima and Jon Julio Asia Tour

4.7.14 Valo Maneuver Mondays Craig Brocklehurst Sydney, Australia Shot by Dom West

4.3.14 Valo Picture of the Week : David Sizemore Negative Acid : Photo: Brandon Smith


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